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February is National Pet Dental Health Month!

Pet Dental Health Month is a "biting" reminder that our cavies’ teeth need attention, too. Dental checks are important and maintaining Cavalier dental health significantly prevents oral problems they may have in the future. Just as it is for people, preventative dental care is critical for your pet’s overall health. Getting your Cavalier’s teeth cleaned is not only to keep them pearly white!

Cavalier Recue of Florida recommends good dental hygiene. A professional dental cleaning for your Blenheims, Black and Tans, Rubies and Tri-colors removes not only the visible plaque and tartar on the teeth surfaces but also the bacteria under the gums. This eliminates potential sources of infection to the mouth and other organs and helps prevent progressive dental disease. 

Our recent Baker’s Dozen breeder rescue of 12 Cavaliers was a cautionary tale of not proactively maintaining good dental health. Every rescued Cavie needed extensive dental work—they had infected, broken, loose teeth and severe gum disease… poor Graham had 18 extractions! Most of this extreme dental work could have been avoided with preventative care.

Dental work, like all veterinary fees, is expensive. His dental surgery (full mouth x-rays, scaling, polishing and extractions) was the most expensive in CRF history.


Cavalier health care and grooming

Regular preventative dental cleanings prevent:

  • Excessive tartar accumulation and gum inflammation (gingivitis)

  • Loose or diseased teeth/gums (periodontal disease)

  • Oral pain

  • Bad breath (halitosis)

  • Secondary organ damage (heart, kidneys, liver)

  • Worsening dental disease

Many veterinarians report that toy dogs are some of the most common clients when it comes to chronic bad breath. Cavaliers and small breeds are also prone to tooth decay and gum diseases. Plaque and tartar tend to build up quickly in smaller mouths and should be addressed.

Cavalier health
  • Please remember to brush or wipe your pet’s teeth several times a week and consider an approved dental treat daily.

  • Baby toothbrushes are options for brushing Cavie teeth or use a face cloth with doggie toothpaste to gently wipe away tartar and massage gums.

  • Dental health and home care is related to heart health; keep your pup healthy by removing excess bacteria.

  • It’s easier to start this routine as puppies, vs. seniors.

  • When it develops, dental disease can have a negative impact on other vital organs such as the heart, liver, lungs and kidneys.

Say cheese and stay healthy!

Love, the Cavies! Xo


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