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February is American Heart Month (for pets, too!)

During American Heart Month, make a pledge to help take care of your pup's heart health & wellness protocols. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, as a breed, are prone to mitral valve disease...

Cavalier Rescue of Florida reminds you of the following:

  • A balanced diet for a healthy weight is the best way to prevent heart disease.

  • Most healthy dogs should get at least 30 minutes of brisk physical activity every day.

  • Regular heartworm prevention is crucial to avoid medical issues from heartworms.

  • CRF encourages Board Certified veterinary cardiologists to do complete cardiac

  • evaluation & echocardiogram when a dog has a murmur grade of 4 or a significant change from one vet visit to the next.

  • Low murmur grades are manageable with proper treatment.

  • Annual exam /early detection is vital to managing the disease; delay progression of heart disease; providing the best quality of care; and prolonging a pet’s life.

  • Adopters and Forever Homes are critical for continuing this wellness practice for their cavaliers.

Progressive heart disease due to degenerative valve disease can result in the onset of congestive heart failure (fluid build up in the lungs). Symptoms can include:

  • Cough

  • Labored breathing

  • Exercise intolerance

  • Fainting

Check out this site for cavalier-centric wellness information, health tips, Cavie specific ailments, sources for specialists and caregivers and more! Cheers to good heart health for all of our Blenheims, Black and Tans, Rubies and Tri-colors:

For more specialists in your area:

Love, the Cavies! Xo


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