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Meet Our Team

Meet our incredible and passionate team members who help

Cavalier Rescue of Florida make a difference in the world of people and dogs.

"Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much"

- Helen Keller

Tracy Baker
Executive Director / President of the Board

Starting as a volunteer, fostering dozens of cavaliers over the past eight years, Tracy is now Executive Director/President, where she is responsible for the many decisions helping these beautiful creatures on their road to health and happiness.

As Executive Director/President, Tracy works hand-in-hand with our all-volunteer team covering this expansive state, all of whom jump in at a moment’s notice to rescue cavies, anticipate and vet their needs, transport them to priority care and loving fosters, and ultimately ushering them to safety. “Nothing is perfect, but we lovingly treat all the pups as if they are our own, safety is key,” says Baker.


CRF has thrived under Tracy’s watchful eye. There are more thorough background checks; greater medical care and rehabilitation; faster response times to inquiries; detailed record keeping and very earnest fund raising efforts. Plus, very importantly, more effective communication through social media, website, email campaigns and delivering information to adopter families.



Her greatest reward is seeing the transformation of the cavies from intake to their fur-ever homes. They can be overweight or underweight and they typically arrive sad, scared, neglected, and many times feeling unwell. Safe from previous precarious situations, including frightful puppy mills, with love and medical attention, the rescued pups are transformed into happier and healthier dogs.


Contact  Tracy at

CRF Tracy Baker 2.png

Charlene Gibson
Adoptions Placement Coordinator/Vice President

With CRF since 2015, Charlene was interested in Cavaliers for several years before coming to Cavalier Rescue of Florida; she and her husband, Jim, rescued their first Cavalier-mix from a high-kill shelter in Tampa. “Fergus Finn” definitely needed a doggie sibling to pal-around with, and several months after Fergus became a Gibson, Charlene was contacted by CRF about adopting a Ruby boy. She and Jim happily adopted Clancy O’Doul (his new name), and this was how Charlene began volunteering with Cavalier Rescue of Florida.

Initially performing home visits, then creating the finalized adoption placement agreements, Charlene was tasked as the Adoption Placement Coordinator (aka “dream maker”) in 2016 overseeing all the pups finding their forever homes. In 2018, the Gibson family (four Cavaliers and two cats) moved to the great state of Oklahoma and the summer of that year Charlene was named VP of CRF, also retaining her role as Adoption Placement Coordinator.

She is pictured here with Hannah Love Gibson, a CRF alumni and former puppy mill momma.

Linda Blumenhagen
Intake Coordinator / Secretary

Linda has been part of Cavalier Rescue of FL for almost 15 years, beginning as a foster parent. For the past ten years, Linda has been the point of contact for all Intake, organizing the arrangements for the dogs coming into rescue from rehomed situations, breeders, hoarding, or otherwise. She is the first step in setting them on their way to happier and healthier futures. Linda has lovingly welcomed more than 30 rescue pups into her home and finds that her foster care is the most rewarding and fulfilling volunteer work. 


Presently, Linda has a senior Tri-color, Black and Tan /English Toy Spaniel and newly adopted Black and Tan, Reba as part of her family. She also serves as Secretary on the Board of Directors for CRF.


For surrendering a Cavalier, contact our Intake Coordinator at

(386) 237-8440


Email our Intake Coordinator at


Suzan Cook
Compliance Officer

A lifelong volunteer, Suzan is always focused on helping those who can't help themselves and dogs certainly fall under that category. Suzan’s love affair with Cavaliers began when she got her first Blenheim puppy, Buster Brown.


Learning about all the various life circumstances that bring these beloved cavaliers into rescue has turned her passion into fierce commitment and for over two decades, Suzan has helped this very special breed with a variety of roles. She volunteers for transport, local events, and is the primary contact for the local county shelter. Currently, her responsibility is Compliance Director ensuring all the 501c-3 rules and regulations governing a non-profit organization are in order each year.


Suzan lives on the West Coast of Florida with Truman, a nine-year old Blenheim cavalier that loves to play “fetch!”


Eileen Campbell
Foster Coordinator / Treasurer

Passionate about rescuing animals since a child, Eileen used to bring home stray or injured animals (dogs, cats, birds, rabbits ) and tried to save them all! For over 25 years, Eileen has been volunteering as a foster to non-breed specific rescues pups for the local shelter. In 2007, she and her husband fell in love with the Cavalier breed and adopted their first Blenheim, beautiful Bella.


They discovered Cavalier Rescue of Florida in 2017 and jumped right in to help cavaliers in need. Their volunteer work continued as fosters, caring for and rehabilitating newly rescued cavaliers. Bella was the best sister-sibling to their many fosters; she was their angel in helping them feel settled and loved. Bella developed a special bond to Hart and April, CRF bonded pair, so Eileen and her husband officially adopted these sweet Seniors as Forever Campbells. 


As Eileen's commitment grew over time, she was elevated to Foster Coordinator overseeing all foster families and programming, a very rewarding and heartfelt endeavor. In 2022, Eileen accepted the duties of handling CRF’s finances as Treasurer and became a Board Member. 


She is pictured here with her First and Forever Cavalier Love, Bella 

CRF Eilenn.JPG

Christine DiRocco
Newsletter Editor

Christine’s passion is sharing the personalities, progress and pup-dates of these sweet cavaliers and their adventures. Since 2020, she has volunteered as the enthusiastic newsletter editor sharing all the stories and cavalier love in our entertaining quarterly newsletter, Cavalier Connection. In addition, Christine handles our communication efforts and creative projects: email campaigns, some social media, website redesign and the 2023 annual calendar.

In 2018, Christine adopted her sweet Ivy, a former puppy mill momma and CRF alumna, saved with the My Ticket Home fund. Together with her Blenheim-sibling Mia, they make regular guest appearances in the newsletter and more!

For newsletter ideas, social media posts and photo submissions, please email  CRF will try to include your ideas and suggestions in our communications about your cutie-pie cavaliers. To receive the Cavalier Connection, please subscribe below.

Shelley Renaud
Placement Team

Shelley fell in love with Cavaliers after the adoption of her first pup, Melody in 2009. Melody was an 11-year old puppy mill momma who had multiple litters of puppies before she was relinquished to Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue, that fateful surrender saved this pup’s life. Despite her rough beginning, Melody was a loving and wonderful dog.

After relocating to Florida in 2013, Shelly learned about CRF and volunteered to foster newly rescued pups. Hailey was her first foster, a terrified puppy mill survivor, who thrived under Shelley’s care--Hailey was a foster failure! Now age ten, Hailey never leaves Shelley's side. 

Shelley volunteers in a variety of roles for CRF: a dedicated foster, Transport Coordinator (who organizes all the many miles and logistics of transports for rescue journeys throughout the Sunshine State) and most recently is part of the passionate Placement Team securing fur-ever homes for these sweet pups. She lives in Central Florida with her partner, Ann, and her rescue pups Hailey, Jagger, Kasey and Benji. 

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