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Application Form

Please read EVERYTHING and follow included instructions. The more detailed your responses, the better chances of a potential match.

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What It Takes to Adopt a Cavalier From Us

After doing your research, if you still want a Cavalier rescue and you live or will travel to the state of Florida, we would love to help you find the right Cavalier for you.

We do adoptions based on best match.  We take into consideration dogs that may be of interest to you, but we assess the dogs needs and requirements at minimum, and match to an applicants' home, lifestyle, etc.  Since we have fewer dogs than we do applicants, we encourage you to complete our online Adoption Application.   You will need to provide personal and vet references as well in the form.

Once submitted you application with be put on our wait list for review.  If our Adoptions Placement Team feels you're an ideal candidate for one of our dogs in foster someone will contact you.  If all goes well, your references will be checked and someone will come to your home to meet with you and everyone else living there.   We will also check your home, garage, and yard to make sure you can provide a safe environment for a Cavalier.  

Our adoption fees are based on the health and the age of a rescued Cavalier as well as medical costs incurred. Our rescue is operated 100% by volunteers; all donations go towards helping the Cavaliers in our rescue program.  The adoption fee needs to be paid when you pick up your rescue Cavalier. 

The lowest cost of owning a pet is typically their adoption fee.  Please consider the long term costs associated with owning a pet (food, ID tags, collars, leashes, veterinary care - including specialists, titer testing, vaccines, emergency medical costs, professional dog trainers for behavioral issues, etc.).  When you adopt a rescue dog, you are agreeing to care for the pet's well-being for the duration of his or her life.


Completing an application does not guarantee approval for adoption. Please be PATIENT, the process takes time.
All adoptions are done to best match the needs of each individual Cavalier and the potential home.  This is not a first apply, first to adopt process. 

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Cavalier Rescue Of Florida Adoption Application

We are seeking information in an effort to best match our rescue Cavaliers with prospective adopters and their forever homes. The needs of each of our dogs differ so remember, there are no right or wrong answers.

Incomplete Applications will not be considered for adoption. Please read the questions carefully.

Apply Here

What Type Of Home Is Your Primary Residence
Do You Own or Rent Your Primary Home
Is Your Primary Home and Attached Fence Home?
Do you now use, or plan to use, an electronic/invisible fence in your yard?
Do you have a doggie door?
Do you have a pool or is your property adjacent to water?
Will your dog(s) ever be outside alone?
Does anyone in the home smoke?
If you have a dog now (or had one in the past), do you (or did you vaccinate annually or titer test routinely?
Would you be open to adopting a Cavalier mix?
Would you consider adopting a bonded pair?
Are you willing to adopt a dog who is not aggressive, but who is shy or fearful and requiring extra socialization?
Are you willing to adopt a Cavalier who requires ongoing medical or special needs-including but not limited to medications, veterinary (including specialists), behavioral or training specialists?

Thank you for your application. We will get back to you in a few days with any questions.

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