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Need help  finding a new home for your Cavalier?
​We never turn away a Cavalier regardless of age or health.

Surrendering a Cavalier

Situations change. Job loss causes financial crisis. New job means out-of-town travel or a long commute, leaving your Cavalier home alone for long periods of time.  Transfer or new job means a move to a new town and an apartment where your Cavalier would not be welcome. Health issues for you or a family member mean not enough time, resources or strength to properly care for your Cavalier.  Your Cavalier has developed a health issue you find difficult to cope with because of time or money.

Whatever the reason, we understand.  We can help you find a new home for your beloved Cavalier.  We never turn away a Cavalier regardless of age or health.  They will be placed in loving foster homes where they will be observed, cuddled and vetted. Health issues will be addressed. We will analyze age, situation and temperament, and find the right match with a  waiting home for your couch potato, cuddle bug or yard rocket.

Contact our Intake Coordinator at
(386) 237-8440

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