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Cavalier surrender?

"They deserve to have families that will treat them with love and kindness,” she said. “As each one came through our door, I gently told them, ‘Your life just got better.’ ”

We never turn away a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel regardless of age or health; it’s sad that so many beautiful purebred pups find themselves in a rescue situation.

Situations change...

  • Job loss causes financial crisis.

  • New job means out-of-Florida travel or a long commute within Florida.

  • Moving into a new living arrangement where your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel would not be welcome.

  • Health issues for you or a family member resulting in not enough time, resources or strength to properly care for your Blenheim, Black and Tan, Ruby and Tri-color Cavalier.

  • Or, your Cavalier has developed a health issue or breed-specific disease too difficult to manage because of time or money.

Whatever the reason, we understand.

Cavalier Rescue of Florida will help you rehome your beloved Cavalier; we never turn away a Cavie regardless of age or health. Each rescue pup will be placed in loving foster homes where they will be observed, cuddled, vetted and their health issues will be addressed. They will have shelter, medicines, vet visits, food, lots of love and be readied for a second chance at happiness for their adoption.

The priority of CRF is always to do what is best for the needs of the dog. We will review age, situation and temperament to find the perfect match and fur-ever family with a loving home for your couch potato, cuddle bug or lizard chaser. Xo

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