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Where do the dogs come from?

At Cavalier Rescue of Florida, including far North and South Florida, and throughout the state, our dogs come from a variety of locations and reasons. Some of our dogs are surrendered by their prior owners that can no longer care for the dog while others are found in shelters across the state. In reality, there are many ways a Cavalier comes to CRF.

We also find them through:

  •  newspaper ads

  • breeder releases

  •  abandonment, as strays

  •  puppy mill closures*

*Cavaliers that go to auction are there as castoffs from a puppy mill. They might be no longer “producing” puppies, or are sick, or maybe that puppy mill is closing down. For this reason and others, we get all colors, ages of the breed – Blenheims, Black and Tans, Rubies and Tri-colors. Many are purebreds, some are mixes, many are seniors. CRF doesn’t DNA test; we cannot guarantee the purity of the breed.

Whatever the reason, CRF has a special donation fund, My Ticket Home, where we pull the funds that enable us to go in and scoop up as many Cavaliers as we can, no matter their condition and give them a second-chance.

Our goal is to stop the inhumane treatment of these dogs and responsibly vet, rehabilitate and place a Cavalier in the best home for each one. My Ticket Home is funded by caring donors, such as you. If you would like to specifically donate to that fund, please click here.

Love, the Cavies! XO


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