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CRF's 🐾 Incredible Q1 Journey

2024 has blown away all previous quarters as CRF took in more dogs than ever, nearly tripling last year’s pace!  And with many of them being neglected dogs, our vetting costs are also at record levels.  It leaves us in dire need of your financial support . . .

. . . and yes, begging for your help.

Most of Q1 saw thirty-plus dogs being fostered on any given day, with dogs coming (intake) and going (adoptions) almost daily, stressing every aspect of our group.

We’ll spare you the heart-breaking stories of the just unthinkable condition that too many of these Cavaliers came to us in, especially the puppy mill rescues.  Even the surrendered pups, maybe arriving as their owner went to the nursing home, had forgotten health issues.  We spent over $73,000 taking care of the dogs, and more bills are yet to come. 

That’s all vetting costs.  Our volunteers, the angels that they are, contribute out of their own pockets.  Fosters buy the dog food and take care of them without reimbursement.  Transport volunteers drive thousands of miles every month, all without as much as gas money. 

Our core team puts in over a thousand hours monthly and not one is paid.  Being all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit allows us to put 91 cents of every dollar to the costs at the veterinarian.  That’s an extraordinary accomplishment that few non-profits ever achieve.  

Pretty Please?

And the pups, with nowhere to go, often scared and needing attention . . . we just have to take them in. 

When they come, we treat them as if they were our dog.  We thoroughly vet them; bloodwork, vaccines, meds, dental surgery, spay/neuter surgery, the whole shebang, whatever they need. 

Cardiology appointments, Neurology visits, Ophthalmology checks.  Most are with us for 2 or 3 months, a few for a year.

And, oh, our volunteers!  We can’t say enough about our blessed volunteers.  The personal sacrifices with seemingly endless 12-hour days some of them tendered.  Cavalier Rescue of Florida has grown, but our staffing hasn’t kept up.  So, by the way, we’re recruiting volunteers.

Can we have our dogs do tricks for you? 

We never know when another dog, or dozen from a puppy mill, may come in, but we have to be ready.  The pandemic puppies that found that their owners weren’t dog people after all may be subsiding (yeah, we have to bite our tongue sometimes, but we still take the dog).

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the sweetest and gentlest of breeds, too often especially here in Florida, find themselves in need.

We can’t say no.  Can you?

C’mon, we’ll be your best friend . . .

My heart overflows with gratitude for all of you, our Angels! 

Thank you for your kindness, caring, and for supporting CRF. 

Tracy Baker, Executive Director & Chief Pup Officer


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