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Unleash the joy! But, play it safe while walking Your Cavalier.

There is nothing more regal or beautiful than Blenheim, Black and Tan, Ruby and Tri-color Cavalier (or two) trotting down the sidewalk…feathery tail swishing along, silky coat shining and a spirited gait… so lovely. However, the type of leash in important to note. Retractable leashes are popular, but Cavalier Rescue of Florida does not condone retractable leashes as there are a lot of problems related to safety and training:

Group of Cavalier Spaniels

1. If a dog runs to the end of the retractable leash the leash can break and your pup can get away or end up in dangerous situations. If it doesn’t break, small breeds, like our sweet and curious Cavalier King Charles Spaniels could suffer severe neck injury from suddenly being stopped after running (chasing squirrels or lizards).

2. Retractable leashes get tangled around pups’ and peoples’ legs creating a tripping hazard and/or causing injuries from the leash scraping on people’s legs.

3. Owners have less control over their dog when using a retractable leash.

  • Dogs can dart into traffic or into another person’s path when the dog is too far from their person.

  • Pups can get into other dogs’ or cats’ spaces and cause stress to other animals or even initiate fights. Think, small spaces such as a veterinarian’s office.

  • Dogs learn to pull on a retractable leash allowing more leash to go out to the dog vs. trained and walking beside their human.

  • Our fosters not only work on rehabilitation and medical attention for our rescue pups, but work on good habits, potty training, socialization and walking on a leash!

A proper harness and leash is best for safety and training success!

Love, the Cavies! Xo


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