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We're Speechless! TY Cavie Fest!!

Speechless, thunderstruck, flabbergasted, amazed, dumbfounded, astonished, wordless . . .

Okay, maybe not that last one. But seriously, Cavie Fest was an awesome surprise! A grass-roots organized event that we weren't even really involved in until near the end, Cavie Fest out-raised even our own recent fundraising, not to mention the Fun-Raising!

The word we're searching for is Grateful!

First and foremost, our unending thanks for Debbie Penta, who conceived every aspect of the event, from finding the perfect bark park to inviting the media (yup, we got on TV). She's a CRF Angel!!

Debbie birthed the event (and it might have been that involved!) on the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels of Florida page on Facebook.

A super-sized event wasn't what she expected, but people kept coming in with more ideas, hands, and help.

So a super-sized thank you to everyone who participated and donated - all the proceeds are for Cavalier Rescue of Florida. Because of you, we get to do what we do! Endless Blessings!!

It's a mere hours after the event, which was 11 - 2 on Saturday, May 4th, but we're up, happy, thankful, and wanting to share these pictures!

Between the online donation site and on-site sales, we're told the total was over $9,000 in donations! We're gobsmacked and so very, very, very appreciative!!!

There were SO many thing to do, but most of all there were SO many pups!! It's estimated that there were over 200 of our beloved CKCS friends rollicking in the park!

Not to mention close to a hundred Cav Moms and Dads!

It's clear we need to be thinking of how to meet the obvious interest in having events like this! Being a (stretched) all-volunteer non-profit, we've never had the bandwidth to have an events team. But who knows? Did we mention that we're looking for a host of volunteers?

Maybe You could host the next event. We bet Debbie would share her insights and you'd find a hundred friends helping too! :)

Just us know with a note to or fill out the Volunteer application and we'll be in touch!

Such a fun day!!

Is it a Guinness World Record for a Cav gathering?

Who wouldn't want to be here?

Cavaliers are the best dogs, and Cavie owners are the best company!

But wait, there's more! ;)

We can't say Thank You enough!

If you didn't make it, but can contribute,


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