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Hurricane Preparedness!

For those in the Sunshine State of Florida, nothing can dampen our spirits like being in the cone of uncertainty. If your home is your shelter, be prepared to be hunkered down while the worst of the storm passes. Taking care of your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is equally import. Cavalier Rescue of Florida offers these reminders:

  • Don’t surrender to the elements; never leave your pups outside, unattended.

  • Have plenty of food, drinking water, treats and a manual can opener for canned food.

  • Medications and copies of medical records stored in a waterproof container (including heartworm preventative, flea preventative).

  • Current photos of you with your Cavie(s) in case they get lost.

  • Sturdy leashes, harnesses and/or carriers to transport pets safely and ensure that they can’t run away.

  • Set up a small section of sod so your pup can relieve themselves (on familiar terrain) in your garage, bathroom or laundry room

If you are ordered to evacuate, take your pets with you. Cavaliers are family too. If it isn’t safe for you to stay, it isn’t safe for your pets either. Pack up food, water, medications, bowls, pet toys, pet beds, vet info, first-aid kit, blankets, treats and waste-bags. Make an evacuation plan and adopt safe practices:

  • List of pet-friendly hotels, shelters, boarding facilities, in case you need to evacuate

  • Make sure that your pet’s vaccinations are current and that all Blenheim, Ruby, Tri-color or Black and Tan pups are wearing collars with securely fastened, up-to-date identification. Many pet shelters require proof of current vaccinations to reduce the spread of disease.

  • Acquire appropriately sized pet carrier, labeled with your contact info, pet ID, vet info, vaccination history (including rabies license and tags).

  • Info on feeding schedules, medical conditions, behavior problems, vet contact in case you have to foster or board your pets.

  • Know which friends, relatives, boarding/animal shelters or veterinarians can care for your animals in an emergency. Prepare a list with phone numbers.

Lots of patience, if you think stormy weather is stressful for you, keep your pup’s peace of mind on track too. Get a safe “shelter” room, lots of blankets and a feeling of security. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Be pup-ared!

Love, the Cavies! Xo


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