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Cavie Fest in Tampa! May 4th 🐾 The event of the Year!

There’s a wonderful event that we want to be sure you’re aware of – Cavie Fest!

Organized by Debbie Penta, it will be in Bicentennial Park in Oldsmar (on the shore of Old Tampa Bay) from 11 to 2. And, most amazingly, Debbie is donating all proceeds to Cavalier Rescue of Florida.  Thank you Debbie!

She has a growing list of handmade products for sale, health services onsite, a photographer at a CRF Kissing Booth, a raffle, and probably 100 pups (Cavs only please). Having just learned of this, we’ve scrambled to assist and CRF volunteers will be there with giveaways and shirts for sale.

Cavie Fest is on FaceBook on the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels of Florida page (you’ll need to join) then see the Event page.


Apr 30

If I had known earlier in the months we might have made other arrangements and attend, because May 4th is my birthday and we planned a long week-end out of town .... But will be making a donation.


Apr 27

Are Cavie mixes ok to come along?

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