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Bet your dog's food is on this list!

What does the massive consolidation of markets mean to Fifi? 

You've probably heard, it's happening in almost every market segment of the U.S. economy. Monster-sized corporations have been buying up smaller competitors for years now.  It’s to the point that most industry segments are overwhelmingly dominated by just a few mega-billion-dollar firms. 

In fact, the increased market power (and profits) of these corporations is a significant contributing factor behind inflation, as more than a few studies show.  And merger mania has happened in the pet food category recently.

But, again, what does Fifi care?

Well, as the chart below shows, more than 70 dog food brands are now owned by just six major firms.  Many of what were small boutique brands only a few years ago got swallowed up.  Did we notice?

Maybe more importantly, did anything about your favorite brand change?

It’s an open question.  We’re not quite staffed to go into the investigative journalism required to answer that, but it may be worth more than a little consideration (and research) for yourself. 

What do they say?  The more you know.

Talk to Fifi about it.  See what she thinks.

Pet Food Market Consolidation


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