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Wellington, Florida

Hart's Hope

Our sweet senior Marty has been in rescue for one year. One year of love, care and devotion from his wonderful, caring and doting foster mom. In the past year, we have seen good progress from our Marty, he loves his home, fur-siblings and he especially loves his daily walks. These walks have given him a new “leash” on life and we are thrilled. However, given his advanced age, fragile health and without adopters, we believe it is in his best interest to not unsettle him at this point. It is with an abundance of love and joy that we are going to keep beautiful Marty in our care for the rest of his precious days in the loving, comfortable foster home he has grown to love and cherish so much.

Marty is in the best and most capable hands of his adoring foster mom and he will enjoy life as our first Hart’s Hope pup; Hart’s Hope is our new long term care/hospice program for our elderly and sickly pups. More about this beautiful initiative will be shared soon.

If you want to contribute to Marty’s ongoing care and lifelong wellness, please donate here. As always, we appreciate all of you and your boundless care, support and love for our pups. You love them like we do, as if they were your own. We will send Marty your love and will keep sharing his pup-dates… we haven’t given up on Marty and neither has he! But, we think it is better for him to stay in his foster home forever, a true Foster turned Forever!

Keep on walking, Marty! We love you. xo  

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