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Here comes Katie a dancing! Yes, this is how she approaches life whenever excited, and she’s pretty much always excited. We suspect she may be a reincarnated ballerina. We gonna go somewhere? Watch these twirls! Getting ready for a walk? Here’s my salsa interpretation! Is that a treat in your hand? Hmm, is that a twerk? Wait, what, it’s mealtime? Look at me, I’ll do my Triple Axel!

Dear Katie, this tiny Blenheim dancer, is simply great company. She’s an intent listener when you talk to her, eyes so focused on you. And, of course, it goes without saying that she’s a cuddler par excellence. Her favorite hobby is taking notes on how everything smells. Katie gets along well with her foster sibling. Yet, she is cautious at first with new dogs, especially big dogs as she had a bad experience previously.

Katie likes the big bed but doesn’t mind her crate either. A good walker, if a tad slow, but when it’s time to rest, she has the cutest pose of crossing her paws. She’s just a happy girl and several times a day will amuse us with a tail-chasing session.

So, Katie the entertainer is pretty certain to keep a smile on your face! Is there any better way to go through life?  

🐶 Age: Katie is 11 years old.

👍🏻 Weight: 16.4 lbs.

🐾 Circumstances: Owner surrender.

🐕 Temperament: She’s the "poster pup" for Life is Good!

❤️ Health: Katie is an 11-year-old spayed, Blenheim who was examined by Dr. Jessica McAlpin at Oceanview Veterinary Hospital. She does have a cataract in right eye and will be evaluated by a veterinary ophthalmologist. Katie has severe Grade 4 dental disease with infection and will have a dental done after she is evaluated by cardiology for a Grade 3 heart murmur. She has been treated for a UTI and hookworms. Katie is a tad hard of hearing as well. CRF microchips all rescues.

🏡 Forever Home Requirements:

✔️ Preferably an at-home adult most of the day in a quiet home.

✔️ Commitment to daily walks/exercise to help maintain her health.

✔️ Dedication to continuing cardiology care as may be determined.

💸 Adoption Donation: $300

If you believe you, your home and lifestyle offer Katie everything she needs, please complete an adoption application.  If you would like to know more or have completed an adoption application in the past six months, please email us with “Katie” in the subject line to:

🚩If you do not check ALL of the above requirements, your application will not pass the screening process for consideration.  We do not compromise on these requirements as we feel they are essential to a successful adoption.

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