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Crystal River

Welcome Felicity, a loving lapdog who is full of wonderful surprises. First off, no one can believe this spry tri-colored girl is nine. Don’t call her a senior! Secondly, she has grey ears! Yes, grey ears that add to her overall charm. Check them out! Too cute for words.

Felicity is adapting well to her new environment. She has a wonderful temperament and gets along with her foster brother as well as other dogs. She is learning basic commands like sit, stay and potty. Being food motivated, training shouldn’t be too hard to continue. Felicity sleeps through the night and is not too particular about sleeping arrangements: your bed, her bed or a crate all work.    

Beyond enjoying her walks, one of Felicity’s favorite pastimes is sitting in the backyard and gazing at butterflies, bugs and dragonflies. A nature lover! And to keep cool after all that outdoor activity Felicity likes to crunch on ice cubes. Doggie popsicles anyone? 

🐶 Age: A 9-year-old with a spring in her step.

👍🏻 Weight: 14 lbs., but needs to gain some weight.

🐾 Circumstances: Owner surrender.

❤️ Health:  Felicity has been fully vetted. She is mildly anemic likely due to poor nutrition/diet and chronic dental disease– she requires a dental. Medication was started for an ear infection; she has a grade 1/6 heart murmur; her right eye has a possible old corneal scar and will be evaluated by ophthalmology. Titers are pending and she will need a rabies vaccination. 

CRF microchips all rescues.

This cutie is not available for adoption yet, our priority is his health and wellness. Please check back for pup-dates. Thank you for your support! 

🏡 Forever Home Requirements:

✔️ A home with someone around most of the time.

✔️ Fenced yard preferred. This gal loves to roam, explore and gaze. 

✔️ Willingness to provide additional training.

✔️ Commitment to provide additional health care as needed for a senior.

💸 Adoption Donation: $550


If you believe you, your home and lifestyle offer Felicity the things she needs, please complete an adoption application.  If you would like to know more or have completed an adoption application in the past six months, please email us with “Felicity” in the subject line to:


🚩If you do not check ALL of the above requirements, your application will not pass the screening process for consideration.  We do not compromise on these requirements as we feel they are essential to a successful adoption with Felicity.

Look for their pup-dates and details on our social media pages. xo

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