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North Port

Our first Blenheim-mix Ethan is a 19-month-old intact, male; examined by Dr. Karen Breitweiser at North Port Animal Hospital in North Port, Florida. Ethan weighs nine pounds and sadly came into rescue infested with fleas and suffering with ear infections and anemia. Treatment and deworming has been started; heartworm test is negative; and blood chemistry is normal. Arriving with no medical records he will need distemper and parvo titers and rabies vaccination. His neuter surgery will be scheduled after his anemia has resolved. Happy healing, tiny Ethan!


We will continue his medical vetting. We are so thrilled he is with us - his life is already so much better! xo


💸 Adoption Donation: $900.  


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Thank you for your kindness, caring and always supporting CRF! 

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