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“Dogs are small rays of light caught on Earth for a short time to brighten our days.”


It is with the heaviest heart that we share that our sweet senior Marty has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Our beautiful Marty was our very first Hart’s Hope pup. Hart’s Hope is our new long-term care program for our elderly and sickly pups and given his advanced age, fragile health and without adopters, we cherished giving our beautiful Marty a perfect, loving, comfortable home he has grown to love and cherish so much. He enjoyed the remainder of his precious days in the loving care of his wonderful, caring and adoring foster mom.  We couldn’t imagine a worthier pup to start this special program. As always, we appreciate all of you and your boundless care, support and love for our pups. You love them like we do, as if they were your own.


Rest In Beauty, magnificent Marty. xo

If you want to contribute to our Hart’s Hope ongoing care and lifelong wellness, please donate here:

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