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Meet Lily, one adorable Cavalier lady!  Painted predominantly white down her back, it just makes those gorgeous Blenheim spots pop.  And this girl, at 11 years old, may be a senior, but she oozes a vitality for life.  Lily is passionate about car rides and is always excitably ready for an outing.  She loves her walks too, and she’ll bark randomly as if simply enjoying life. 

She’s proven adaptable too, settling in quickly with her foster family.  She enjoys being with the other two Cavaliers at home, and they often can be found napping together.  Lily is very smart and she catches on quickly and is starting to play with her doggy roommates.  

Time in the yard is great too, and chasing leaves in the wind is truly so much fun.  And if that squirrel shows, she’ll do her best to go up the tree after it.  More proof of a gal that just knows how to enjoy living.

But of all Lily’s loves, being with you is clearly at the top of her list!  Quiet time next to you on the couch is absolutely the best.  And there’s no way this sweetheart won’t be stealing your heart.

Lily happily sleeps in her crate at night after another fulfilling day.  Tomorrow she’ll be ready for more of the good life, which can only be made better when she finds you. 

Age:  11 years old. 

Weight:  16.5 lbs.

Circumstances:  Owner surrender due to changing circumstances. 

Temperaments:  A lovable senior that has it all figured out! 

Health:  Lily has just started on her vetting journey, with the main to-do of undergoing cataract surgery in April.  Yet this exuberant senior seems to be a healthy girl. 

Forever Home Requirements:  This lady deserves someone able to spend lots of time with her and devoted to helping her live that best life.  Oh, and a heart big enough for Lily to fill with her love!  

Adoption Fee: $350

Please check our Facebook page regularly for health and wellness updates on our rescued pups!

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