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St. Petersburg

Here comes Jasper, one chillaxed Tricolor boy! This fellow is ever-friendly to all he

meets and is as calm as they get. When you must leave him, he’ll lay down by the

door and stay there until your return. Talk about dedication!

He acclimated to his foster home quickly and enjoys his new roommate pups.

Jasper is very attentive and accommodating to whatever the day’s agenda needs to

be. He loves attention and getting a bath is a dream because it’s all about him.

His foster Mom says he just gets cuter everyday with those amazing puppy eyes. His

relaxed get-along nature shows up at bedtime too, never needing to be crated and

instead simply enjoying the doggie bed on the bedroom floor.

Easygoing Jasper is a good eater, loves the occasional nap, and is devoted to

pleasing you. There may be no pup readier to make you a wonderful companion!

Age:​ 10 years old.

Weight: 31 lbs.

Circumstances: Owner surrender due to changing circumstances.

Temperaments: One loving senior ready to enhance your retirement!

Health: Jasper is still midway through his vetting and will undergo some

significant dental procedures shortly. He is also overweight and has had a grade

two heart murmur identified.

Forever Home Requirements: This gentlest of gentlemen would do best in a home

with someone around most of the time. He will need attention to a careful diet and

exercise effort to address his weight. Jasper then only wishes for someone to

shower with all the love he has to give!

Adoption Fee: $350

Please check our Facebook page regularly for health and wellness updates on our rescued pups!

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