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Oh Darling!  Yes, that’s her name, but that’s an exclamation you’d be using no matter what her name was. 

This charming little girl – only ten pounds – is a lovely Ruby Cavalier with white highlights around her nose and on her belly and the most endearing gaze.  And Darling is a youngster, only a year old.  She came in very scared, though that turned around quickly as she began to experience the love of her foster parents and siblings. 

Now she’s the playful gal she was always meant to be.  Whether it’s a game of fetch or just running after her fellow pups, Darling is ecstatic to be here!  When playtime has us tired out, she might look for a good lap.  Her foster Mom calls her small but mighty, and the ultimate cuddler who loves the big bed.  Oh, and she has a little dance that is simply heart melting!

Now Darling is definitely in training and that will need to be continued, but she’s very smart and conquering Puppy 101 pretty well.  She’s also mastered the art of winning hearts!  Oh, Darling!


🐶 Age: 1 year old.

👍🏻 Weight: 10.6 lbs.

🐾 Circumstances: Breeder surrender.

🐕 Temperament: A darling of a Cavalier!

❤️ Health: Darling is in good health and will soon have her spay surgery.   


🏡 Forever Home Requirements:

✔️ Preferably an at-home adult most of the day.   

✔️ Safe and secured fenced yard.

✔️ Dedication to her continued puppy training.  

✔️ Please have a four-legged playmate.


💸Adoption Fee: $1000

If you believe you, your home, and lifestyle offer Darling everything she needs, please complete an adoption application.  If you would like to know more or have completed an adoption application in the past 6 months, please email us with “Darling” in the subject line to:

Please check our Facebook page regularly for health and wellness updates on our rescued pups!

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