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Welcome to beautiful Blaze! This ruby-licious boy is almost five years old and as gorgeous as they come! Blaze absolutely loves his long walks and sniffing everything all the way.  He’s mastered his business outside and is a healthy pup and comes when he’s called.

Blaze has settled in nicely in his foster home and is reported to be just the epitome of a good dog there, totally a cuddling, sweet, and quiet companion. Blaze loves being brushed and petted in any way and will be found right behind you most of the time. He likes meeting dogs on his walks, yet at home he’s a tad territorial. Blaze likes the safe space of his crate to sleep, although he’s not been tempted with a big bed yet.

With his expressive eyes and cute face, Blaze casts a spell on all he encounters. Might it be you that surrenders to his charms?

🐶 Age: Blaze is 5 years old.

👍🏻 Weight: 16.9 lbs.

🐾 Circumstances: Owner surrender.

🐕 Temperament: A born-again velcro pup!

❤️ Health: Blaze was examined by Dr. Thomas Oakes at Oakes Animal Hospital, and he is being treated for a persistent ear infection and flea tapeworms. Blaze also had some initial tummy issues and is on antibiotics and eating a bland diet and is now feeling better. He will be scheduled for neuter and dental surgery shortly. CRF microchips all rescues.

Happy healing, sweet Blaze! We love you. XO

🏡 Forever Home Requirements:

✔️ Preferably an at-home adult most of the day in a quiet home.

✔️ He must be in an only-dog home and no cats. 

✔️ Commitment to daily walks/exercise to help maintain his health.

✔️ Fenced yard for roaming and playtime preferred. 

✔️ A commitment to continued training.

💸 Adoption Donation: $800

If you believe you, your home and lifestyle offer Blaze everything he needs, please complete an adoption application.  If you would like to know more or have completed an adoption application in the past 6 months, please email us with “Blaze” in the subject line to:

🚩If you do not check ALL of the above requirements, your application will not pass the screening process for consideration.  We do not compromise on these requirements as we feel they are essential to a successful adoption.


Please check our Facebook page regularly for health and wellness updates on our rescued pups! Thank you!

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