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We love the Embark test kit, this one that includes the health test.  Go ahead and read reviews, most independent ones pointed to Embark as the most comprehensive.  In fact, we tested the test!  Read our detailed review when we submitted a swabbed DNA sample with Cocoa, one of 12 puppy mill dogs we pulled in January, 2023. 


They call it the DNA test, and of course most of us know we’ve got Cavaliers (though some may have some mixed breed DNA), but it’s the health tests that are especially meaningful for a Cavalier owner.  Especially if we’re talking about a rescued pup with an unknown history.


The health screening looks for over 250 genetic health risks.  The potential for identifying an issue before it arises and possibly mitigating it is why we think it’s a worthwhile investment.  Think about your dog maybe having a healthier life.  And think about the chance even for lower vet bills.  If nothing else, perhaps consider it an early warning system.


There’s so much to it beyond that as well.  The Find Relatives feature is pretty cool too, where close DNA matches can identify relatives, close and distant.  It can even map out a family tree.  I don’t know if a dog would know if he were reunited with its mother or not, but it sure would mean something to me.  Darn, I’m not supposed to tear up writing product reviews.


The swab is easy, the hard part is waiting weeks for the results.  Embark takes longer than most because it goes deeper than most.


We were able to negotiate a reseller arrangement with Embark, and when you buy it here, you’re also supporting CRF.  And we will always have the lowest price available at the time.  Nice.


Embark dog DNA test kit

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