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Cavalier Grooming

If the spaniels are built for royalty, that means the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is king. This regal toy spaniel dates back to the Renaissance, where King Charles I and his son Charles II were particularly fond of the breed. Eventually, the cavalier was dubbed after their namesake. Well into the 19th century, purebred cavaliers were a favorite among British aristocrats, and they bred different varieties of this special breed.

Bubble puppy cavalier

The Blenheim, Ruby Tri-Color or Black and Tan’s medium-long luscious coat and silky, feathery ears signal royalty. The toy spaniel’s sweet expression with large, round eyes and noble demeanor looks best with regular brushing and bathing. Keeping this breed at their elegant, tangle-free best calls for a little time and some routine upkeep. All of the Cavies at CRF are very deserving of their spa days!

It’s time for your pup to strut their royal stuff. Cavalier Rescue of Florida offers these guidelines about grooming a cavalier.

Looking pristine is easy when it comes to the cavalier’s glossy coat. However, if you want your dog to really shine, a daily 10-minute brush-out is a must to keep them looking their best.

bath time cavaliers
  • With a medium bristle brush. Brush around the ears (gently) and skirts before brushing all the fringe. Brushing pulls out the dead hair, helps stimulate the natural oils in their skin, making their coat shine the coat should lie flat and feel soft.

  • Be extra careful when brushing out the ears, as this is a sensitive area.

  • A cavalier’s hair naturally provides a soft wave that can sometimes lead to tangles. The back of the legs and under the tail are the areas that will most likely get matted first, so take extra time to brush those areas out for a thorough and fresh look.

  • Baths helps freshen & keep the coat healthy. When it’s time to bathe your cavalier, remember: once a month is more than enough. Too much bathing removes the natural skin oils that make your dog shine. It can also lead to dry or irritated skin.

  • We love their Grinchy paws--but, pad trimming is essential for injury-free feet, especially for seniors!

  • Hair grows quickly on the bottom of the pup's paws, between the pads of the toes. To avoid your Cavalier slipping on Florida tile and wood floors, trim the hair weekly regularly for better traction & stability.

  • Good grooming and hygiene, including tooth care starts when they are a puppy!

Love, the Cavies! Xo


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