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Palm Harbor

Meet Gabriel. He needs us, we need YOU.


We never know what is around the corner for Cavalier Rescue of Florida...


Gabriel has just arrived in our care, clearly suffering and neglected. His owners were ill and unable to provide for him and sadly, his needs have been disregarded for quite some time.  


Barely walking, this boy “stands” contorted with muscle atrophy worsened by painfully curling and overgrown nails and blistered paw pads. His skin is tragic-- hair loss, flaking, and hot spots, including his tail–no feathery tail! He has weepy ear infections, rotten and infected teeth, and a large mass on his right eyelid. We are shocked by his condition, and equally anxious about what we can’t see….


Luckily, his cavalier spirit is not broken and he is as sweet as he can be. Our work is just beginning as we give him the comfort and care that he needs and deserves.


His story and images are distressful. It's unbearable that he has suffered for so long and despite our collective despair, we know that his life just got so much better being with us. We are thankful and honored to be able to help him. CRF will do everything we can to restore him to health and happiness. Gabriel desperately needs our help and we need yours!


We can do this with your generosity and support. We know he will require long-term love, healing and attention. Please help us with this ask. We appreciate your ongoing dedication to our mission. As always, my heart overflows with gratitude for all of you, our CRF Angels!

Let’s send him lots of love and well wishes as he recuperates with his foster mom. We love you, Gabriel!  XO   


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