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Coriander is a warming spice with a deep, nutty flavor and finish. Beautifully pairs with other flavors and blends well with others, which simply makes her a perfect pup sibling!  Not one to be alone…  The tenth of our Baker’s Dozen, beautiful CoriAnder is a 6–7-year-old female, and just a perfect example of a Tri-color with those wonderfully expressive eyebrows.

CoriAnder is pretty much everything you’d want in a Cavalier. A petite love bug that adores your attention and belly rubs. She’s proving to be resilient and leaving that old world behind. Loves her walks and just excited to be here. Sleeps like an angel.

This girl is more than ready to live this wonderful new life full of love! 

🐶 Age: CoriAnder is 6 or 7 years old.

👍🏻 Weight: 15 lbs.

🐾 Circumstances: Breeder surrender, one of the Baker’s Dozen.

🐕 Temperament: A lover for certain.

❤️ Health: CoriAnder is a 6-7 year old Tri-color female who was treated with a flea bath upon arrival. Examined by Dr. Jon Zern at Chuluota Veterinary Hospital, she weighs a petite 14.6 pounds; has a Grade 1-2/6 heart murmur; severe periodontal disease with broken, loose, and infected teeth and was started on antibiotics. CoriAnder is being treated for inflamed ears and hookworms. Without medical records, blood was drawn for distemper and parvo titers and she will need a rabies vaccination. CRF microchips all rescues.

Happy healing, beautiful CoriAnder!  XO


✔️ Preferably an at-home adult most of the day in a quiet home.

✔️ Fenced yard for roaming and playtimeForever Home Requirements: preferred. 

✔️ Dedication to continuing care as may be determined.

✔️ Another like-sized pup companion preferred.

💸 Adoption Donation: $TBD

If you believe you, your home and lifestyle offer CoriAnder everything she needs, please complete an adoption application. If you would like to know more or have completed an adoption application in the past six months, please email us with “CoriAnder” in the subject line to:

🚩If you do not check ALL of the above requirements, your application will not pass the screening process for consideration. We do not compromise on these requirements as we feel they are essential to a successful adoption with CoriAnder.

💸Typical costs for vetting a newly rescued pup are approximately $3000 per pup, we are looking at approximately $36,000 in expenses to secure a bright and happy future for these Cavies. Yes, we are looking for rescue angels to assist and support this mission of healing and recovery.

🐾Click here to donate to our rescue campaign:

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