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St. Petersburg

Delight in loveable, playful Copper. He’s ALL puppy: learning the rules of the house, how to walk on a leash as well as basic commands. He loves to run (and we mean run) in the yard where he can utilize his prey instinct to chase birds and rabbits. Housebreaking is going well.

Copper is a handsome little fella! Expressive eyes that make you melt. Long ears you want to scratch. A soft ruby coat that begs to be petted. And oh, those cute little feet, how fast do they run!?

As with many puppies, Copper will need to be monitored as he learns and gains confidence. He is friendly with most people and seems to enjoy cats as well. Loud noises don’t seem to bother him, but he likes to bark at thunder. 


🐶 Age: 8 months young

👍🏻 Weight: 12 lbs. of high-octane puppy energy

🐾 Circumstances: Owner surrender due to change in living situation.

❤️ Health:  Copper has been vetted and is in good health. Ears, eyes and hips are good. Labs are normal and he is up to date on vaccinations. Neuter surgery in his future.


CRF microchips all rescues.

This cutie is not available for adoption yet, our priority is his health and wellness.  Please check back for pup-dates. Thank you for your support! 

🏡 Forever Home Requirements:

✔️ An actively family with another like-sized companion.   

✔️ A fenced yard is a must.

✔️ Commitment to additional training.

✔️ Daily walks, exercise and mental stimulation to burn off that puppy energy.

💸 Adoption Donation: $TBD

If you believe you, your home and lifestyle offer Cooper the things she needs, please complete an adoption application. If you would like to know more or have completed an adoption application in the past six months, please email us with “Copper” in the subject line to:


🚩If you do not check ALL of the above requirements, your application will not pass the screening process for consideration. We do not compromise on these requirements as we feel they are essential to a successful adoption with Copper.


Look for their pup-dates and details on our social media pages. xo

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